People are often concerned that changing accountants will be difficult, time consuming or could somehow put their affairs at risk. Some just want to avoid the awkward conversation even though they are not happy. The good news is that it is actually extremely easy and there is virtually no burden on you or need for awkward conversations what so ever. We do most of the brunt work, handling all communication and collecting all documents and information on your behalf. No body likes seeing a client leave but you would be pleased to know that most accountants are extremely professional with one another and take an ethical approach to ensuring that they pass on all required information to the new advisor. That has certainly been our experience in 99% of cases and we have done hundreds, if not thousands, of transitions over the many years we have been in business.

Not at all. If you want our opinion we will consider your circumstances, prior experiences, business type and make a recommendation based on that. Otherwise we will happily take you on based on whatever account keeping software you are comfortable using. We are proud to say we are product agnostic and don’t believe anyone can take a one size fits all approach to accounting. We assess our clients on a case by case basis and if we see room for efficiency gain or better ways to do this we will certainly be proactive in presenting those options to you.

Extremely fast generally. If we have all the information at hand we can more or less set you up on the spot. There is certainly no delay on our part. If you are seeking to setup a new structure this can also take place quite fast, usually within 24-48 hours if need be. We will always do our best to accommodate your needs.

Absolutely. There is no hidden surprises, termination periods or lock in contracts. Our engagement will simply continue until you say otherwise. Of course we are big believers in keeping the communication lines open and hope that if you were ever not happy with our service, you would let us know so we can address those concerns with you, but we will always respect any decision you make.

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