What we do

Kallinicos + Co offers a vast array of accounting, taxation, financial and business management services that are essential for a variety of purposes ranging from improving your business, cash flow and profits while complying with the law, minimising tax, protecting assets and future Planning.

Financial Reporting and System Solutions

Have the right systems and technology in your business that make your life easier and provide meaningful, on time, financial reporting that will help you make the right decisions.

Taxation & Compliance

The Australian tax system is one of the most complex in the world, with what can feel like an endless list of compliance obligations. Let us help you navigate and simplify it!

Business Advisory & Strategy

All businesses need an effective strategy that is aligned to their goals. All strategies need constant evaluation, performance assessment and refinement. Make sure you have the right structures in place to position your business for success.

Business Mergers, Acquisition and Sale

Taking on investors, acquiring businesses or selling your business are all major events you may be faced with which all come with a complex maze of unique considerations and planning. See how we can help.

Corporate Structuring & Investment Planning

Protect assets, minimise tax and maximise flexibility. Choose the right structure for your business or investments which aligns with your future plans.

SMSF & Superannuation

For all things SMSF or Superannuation, we offer full lifecycle advice from establishing your super, accessing your super, meeting your compliance and retirement planning.

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