Business Advisory & Strategy

Business Advisory & Strategy

As a business grows it is evident that with growth comes a greater need for management and business advisory services. For that you need a strategic advisor who has the experience and knowledge in the many different facets of business to help you lay a road map towards your goals.

All businesses need an effective strategy that is aligned to their goals and all strategies need constant evaluation, performance assessment and refinement.

Putting the right structures in place to position your business for success takes careful planning and management.

So whether you are just starting out, have a well established business or are currently growing rapidly and trying to manage it all, we’ve got the team and experience to guide you in the right direction.

Strategic Planning and Goal Setting

Once we know where you are, we then need to establish where you want to get to. Goals and success are defined differently by different people and it’s important to establish what you desire and where you want to take your business. Whether that be doubling in the next twelve months or simply taking every Friday off, having a goal in mind will set the direction.

A practical, easy to understand performance analysis

All strategies need effective measurement and monitoring. The numbers tell a story and it’s important to utilise that information, in real time, to make more meaningful decisions for your business. We do this through various tools such as profit and cost analysis, KPI development, trend analysis, forecasting/budgeting, cash flow review/control, staff performance, lending capability and much more!

So how do we do this?

Organisational Review and Health Check

Aimed at growing businesses that are looking to improve profitability, cash flow, resource utilisation and management by taking a strategic look at what is driving your business and growth and developing solutions to achieve your desired business goals.

When developing a strategic plan it’s important to first establish the health of your business, the industry/markets you operate in, your competitive advantages, any areas of risk or under performance and what opportunities or avenues for growth exist.


Exit and Succession

Succession planning is vital for anyone who wants to realise the full value of their business.

Whether that be building the business for an eventual sale or simply structuring the business so it can run effectively with out your day to day management so you can achieve a better work life balance. We will work with you in considering various exit scenarios and strategies that achieve the outcomes you desire.

Its never too early to start planning.

Other areas of business advice we focus on which may benefit your business

  • Employment Laws and Regulations – we will assist you with our knowledge of employment regulations/obligations, minimising employee risk and remaining compliant with your obligations
  • Grants and R&D Incentive – consider what grants you are eligible for based on your industry and assist you with advice and guidance
  • Marketing – consider your marketing and sales channels and assist you with connecting with the right people who can help
  • Legal – helping you navigate contracts and consider if you have adequate protections and agreements in place to protect you and your business both internally and externally
  • Business broking – connecting with the right people who can help you buy or sell a business
  • Finance – having adequate working capital is fundamental to the growth of any business. We’ll assist you with understanding your options for finance and capital and guide you through that process

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

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